N.B.S Malay

Nbs Malay considers herself to be more than just a naturally beautiful and sophisticated woman from Springfield, MA. She believes the many talents she has, including: singing, song-writing, spoken word etc., should be used to provide a message to her listeners, her readers and her supporters. Her long term goal is to open the minds of the unknowing and help people to understand that everyone is not the same person. Through her skills, she hopes to help others gain the ability to accept a person for who they choose to be in society. Nbs Malay is the second oldest out of her mother’s eight children. She noticed her gift in writing when her third grade teacher introduced her to different forms of poetry. The art she created started with just her emotions. When she realized how many people could relate to her, she began to write about any topic that came to her mind. She hopes this new journey on becoming an author will get her voice heard and possibly help to make a difference.

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