La’Carolyn Jones

Chief Financial Officer
La’Carolyn Jones was born and raised in Houston, Texas where she learned to love music by participating in her church choir. Though she did not continue to pursue a career in music, she stayed in tune with the music industry and its development. 
La’Carolyn has a degree in business administration and computer science from California State University. She has worked in various law firms in San Francisco and Oakland, California. She began to climb the corporate ladder until her most recent retirement from the City of Oakland City Attorney’s Office in 2016 as a Supervisor of 15 legal Administrative Assistants. This position required ongoing leadership, direction, and training. In addition, she was the City Attorney’s Office Planner for all group functions for 25 years. 
La’Carolyn has taken over as Chief Financial Officer of KmmmCo., Inc. and has excelled in this position. Ms. Jones brings to the KmmmCo., Inc. organization skill, guidance, and fortitude.